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He's Gone


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...and nothing's gonna bring him back. It felt so weird to sit down last night and press the "Retire Player" button for Jerry Garcia after spending nine seasons--or, rather, almost exactly sixteen months--consistently updating and slowly working my way up to being recognizable around these parts. Coming in here in mid-February of last year, I had no idea what a sim league was, almost gave up and left on my first day, you know the deal. I'm sure you've all heard (and experienced) exactly the same in your own sim league lives. By retiring, I ended my beginning--I now have four players across three different leagues, am at least a decently recognizable face in each, and can no longer call myself a first-gen player in this one.


I thought it would be more of a big deal to retire than it actually ended up being--sure, it felt weird and out-of-place to kill off the player I'd been working on for over a year, but after that, it just felt like business as usual. I actually thought up the idea for Taro Tsujimoto back in my very first season with Houston (what better place for a fake hockey player than a fake hockey league, after all), and was dead-set on creating him for a while until I became GM in Davos and had to actually consider team needs and such for my recreate. About a week ago, I took a look at what was going on with the team and where I might have a need opening up in a few seasons' time, and figured that a forward would be relatively safe. And, being the TPE whore that I am, I can create a center to throw in the face-off dot if at any point in time Davos ends up lacking one.


So, there goes my past, and here comes my future. What a long strange trip it's been!

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