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Ove Dyrdahl - Junior Review


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Name: Ove Dyrdahl
Birthplace: Hamar, Norway.
Playstyle: Physical Defensive Defenceman
Height: 6'8
Weight: 225 lb
Age: 19


Ludwig Dyrdahl was the captain for the Storhammar Ishockey(SIL) team for the last 7 years, with his age creeping up on him he decided that it was time to hang up the skates, in the beginning it was hard not thinking about hockey every second of his day, not playing was even worse.... but then around came his son Ove, to whom he instantly introduced this mysterious sport, and Ove took the chance and ran with it.

Although, unlike his father Ludwig, a game changing LW goalscorer, who always had an eye for the net...... Ove was completely the opposite.. He excelled in the defensive side of the game, and was never afraid of using his physicality and frame to his advantage. 

Ove was brought into training camp for the U18 Storhammar team, and got a trial contract to play for the U18 Storhammar team, at the end of training camp he got his U18 contract signed and now was an upcoming prospect for the Storhammar Ishockey team.
Coaches started to notice Dyrdahl and his fantastic performances so they decided to give him a shot at the U20 level, and to their surprise he performed just as good, showing that he belonged with the U20's for the reminder of the season.

"This kid is something special, hes 17 and already playing like he's 20, not afraid to use his body and deliver hits, that is impressive at his age"
"Ove delivered 70 hits in 39 games at the U20 level for Storhammar, this kid is built like a freak and isn't afraid to battle for the puck"

- Local VHL scouts admiring Ove's uprise in the juniors.

Next season came around and Ove recieved the big news, he had been promoted to the Storhammar roster, playing in the Get-Ligaen, which should be a big test for the youngster as he will be playing against men, not junior players his age, but this didn't faze Ove at all, in fact his rookie debut for Storhammar was when they faced their long-time rival Valerenga, and in that match, Dyrdahl dropped gloves with the rival team's captain, which was an amazing sight for all the spectators. 
"Fighting vs a rival teams captain on your rookie debut, yeah he's ready [for Get-Ligaen]"
"He's going to be an absolute stud wherever he plays"
"I project him to be a top2 Shutdown type defenceman in the VHL"

- Local VHL Scouts on his Get-Ligaen Debut & Future

Future: Dyrdahl already has told the press that he will be making the move to VHLM to pursue his dream of playing in the VHL and fighting among the best of the best.

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