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Why the next 2 seasons are crucial for Nate Telker


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With 2-3 possible postseasons left for Telker, he has the chance to go down in the Menace history books. Jaguar currently holds the lead for points with 48 points in 46 postseason games. Telker's 30 points so far means he just needs 19 or more points in the next 2-3 seasons to beat the record. Of course, There is a chance Pavlov could end up with it instead under the right circumstances. The up and rising vibe Moscow has given off this season leaves a lot of excitement on the table for Telker. "It's been a really fun group to play with. Seeing all the young guys develop over the past few years has been great to see." Telker has been a member of the Menace since the day they drafted him. He was part of a big rise at the start, followed by a brief fall before Moscow turned a big corner this season. "I didn't think there was enough time at first, but then you see the really quick turn around and I can't help but to think, we have a good chance for a cup while i'm still here, and I'll do whatever it takes to help."

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