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TAoW Diet Edition: WJC Part 2


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“It is easy to love your friend, but sometimes the hardest lesson to learn is to love your enemy.”  - Sun Tzu


As the WJC was nearing it's end, I had one prank left to execute. I would say it's my most impactful one yet. Something so shocking, so impossible to predict, that no one saw coming.


It was the last few games of the round robin before the medal rounds. I knew for a fact that two teams will not win a medal in this tournament since there's only room for gold, silver, and bronze. So I thought it would be nice to give those teams a nice consolation prize. I had bought myself about 250 chocolate medals. Which are basically chocolate in the shape of a medal that was wrapped in a gold colored foil with the words "No. 1" imprinted into it. The medals also had ribbons attached to it like a real one. With each of those, I had taped a message saying "Everyone's a winner :)" and then waited for the results. In the end Asia ended up losing out in the quarter finals. So what I did my specialty of sneaking into locker rooms and proceeded to place a medal in every locker and made sure I had at least one for each person in management or coaching. Then I left and prepared myself for our semi final game against the US of A.


My team, Team World ended up losing against the US and we were set to face Canada for bronze. There were two scenarios in this situation. One where Canada wins, and another if World wins. I was prepared to give the consolation medals to my own team. Though as the game ended, we ended up winning bronze and Canada would've gone home with nothing if it wasn't for me. After the game, I personally saw myself go into Canada's locker room and hand them the medals. Some may honestly not even consider this a prank, but I do. The thing that makes this so unpredictable and surprising is the fact that if people knew me, I'd probably have a shit eating grin while I rub salt on the wound. Though this time, I wanted it to be different. A sign of respect to the players. Everyone in the WJC or even the World Cup deserves to win. So giving them something to at least commemorate them for their effort is a good thing in my opinion.


( So you're welcome @rory for the medal ?)


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