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Askarovs numbers improving


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The Hounds have been downright poor. Sure they hold the last playoff spot right now. However that is not thanks to anything most of the Hounds roster is doing. Its more a statement of how pathetic the rest if the league is, and the serious lack of balance. Vsevolod Askarov started the season, is a rut he was among the worst goalies in the league. 


Despite the lack of support, his numbers have started to really improve. He sits tied for 7th in sv% and 8th in GAA. These really are nothing special, but given he was among the bottom 3 for a lot of the season its improvement. He keeps improving his game an working hard. Most in his position might just have retired, or quit. 


He has seen in the gym every day working his ass off. In hopes that next year the Hounds can finally bring him a roster worth all the effort he has put in this season. It is unclear, just where the Hounds are gunna be next year. It wont be Askarovs fault if they fail. 

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