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Worst Discord Channels, Ranked


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Worst Discord Channels, Ranked


Photos from silky johnson (imthebiggesthater) on Myspace



Honorable Mention) gaming-hangout - bunch of low lifes boasting about how they got to bronze 3 in league of legends


7) buff-beav-clinic (now victory-fitness-tracking-tracking) - had to be renamed for obvious reasons, it just goes to show you how little we care about eachothers' general well-being in the league (except for @Advantage ❤️ )


6) anime-movies-shows-geeks-media - was a good channel around its inception, now just a low grade hentai gif exchange


5) general - absolute cess pool full of degenerates who would probably get along just fine in real life


4) garden-gnome-thunderdome - a dump channel to see confirm how lonely you are during the day


3) magical-forest - I... I just don't know


2) vhlm-gm-corner - welcome to the league's real banter box, where it is almost expected that someone's lid pops off on a daily basis.  


1) writers-discussion - 95% chest puffing, 5% salt

















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Best channels if you like UFC style text brawls:


1. Politics and Debates old thread. RIP! Absolute classic thread. Would have been the cause of the league splitting in half and forming into 2 leagues. “Well son, this is the right wing league and over in that shadow land is the liberals where they believe in handing out taxpayers TPE like it’s gift cards to chapters bookstore. We don’t go there except Tuesdays”. 

2. VHLM GM Corner - everyday there’s a good battle between some star powered brawlers throwing left hooks and right smacks. Love them And they’re great guys and GM’s (mostly), but shit, I still have flashbacks of all the tears. Rumor has it, when Noah built the ark, it wasn’t for rain but actually for minor league GM’s tears. 

3. VHL General - what he said. 


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