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Become a DilAgent Today!

Patrik Tallinder

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(Back, left to right) Nils Tallinder, Lincoln Tate.

(Front, left to right) Alex Pearson, Jiggly Gumballs, Patrik Tallinder.


This is a new player development program described in better detail in the article below. You basically get something to read about your player twice a season, and player guidance if you need it. The name is based around the word diligent, so if your player is willing to put in the work to be one of the league's best, consider joining us! Also, please don't sue us for the name.



Current Players:

Patrik Tallinder - Myself 

Lincoln Tate - @Tate

Jiggly Gumballs - @JigglyGumballs

Alex Pearson - @Jayrad28

Nils Tallinder - Myself again

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