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Minner Minute Episode 8: Week of August 23, 2020


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 Hello everyone, welcome back to another episode of Minner Minute. Here, I will try to answer as many fan-submitted questions in a minute as I can. Let's get started.


Submitted by User: ShatrikHaine: Hey Minner, with the recent slump the Bulls have been having, how do you see you and the team getting out of it?


Well, I think we just need to keep playing our game. You aren't going to win every game in a season, every now and then you'll have a slump. Happens to the best of teams. Only thing we can do is try our best and play our style, it has worked for us in the past and it will work for us in the future. 


Submitted by User: Bulls4LiF3: We've been hearing rumors about you and other Bulls being involved in an off-season training camp with other players in the league. Can you give us any details on it?


Not many in particular just yet, it hasn't actually happened. We are looking to get a decent sized group of us to get together and practice once the season is over. All I can say is that it isn't a group of plugs, those of us in the group are pretty good. 


That's going to have to be it for this episode, thank you all again for coming this week. If you would like to send in questions, my private messages are open, or you could send a reply to this article. I look forward to next week!

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Another great episode of Minner Minute! Already planning for a off-season training camp eh, have fun with the boys! Was hoping for more questions but it's ok. Otherwise, awesome article! 8.5/10

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