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I Find it Very Difficult to Write a VHL.com Article Without it Exceeding 500 Words


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Today, I attempted to write a 150 to 250-word article about my new player, Clinton Giftopoulos. This clearly was not meant to be, as, by the end of what I had hoped would be a short, breezy article, I had written well over 700 words, more than enough to claim as a media spot. So I have decided to use that as my media spot claim for next week, seeing as I've already done a graphic for this week. But now I'm left with the problem of still having to write my 150-word article for this week, and I couldn't help but think to myself how many damn times this exact thing has happened to me. Why is it such a tricky thing to write 150 words, and then to stop there and not write any further? Normally, not being able to stop writing would be considered a positive thing, so I'm feeling a little stumped right now as you might have guessed. I decided to do some research into the matter, but didn't find any useful information. Not sure what I expected though. Good evening.

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