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Driver's Rookie Experience


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The first season for Zamboni Driver on the Helsinki Titans has been everything and more than what was expected. Being prepared to play as a backup for the season it was a good experience to get into the league and continue to work on my game for when I take the starting position next season here.

Samuel Ross was brought in as our starter and has beaten his personal win record of 30 and looks to near 40. Driver played in 14 games to this date with 12 of those games being a start. 10 wins and 2 losses is his record and better stats than I could have hoped for. With a save percentage of 0.925 and goals against average of 2.01 Driver is looking like a consistent performer that will take well to the starting job. The amount of confidence that this season has brought is really something that can not be weighed.

The locker room in Helsinki is a very positive place to chat and I have gotten to know the players and prospects well. We have a winning spirit and it has shown on the standings as we are at the time of this article tied for first in the league and 10 points ahead of Riga for the seasonal conference title. Jubo continues to do a masterful job here and it is felt through the line up and on the ice in each game we play. The drafting in Helsinki has been top notch and will find 3 players making the move to the Titans next season. Those players are promising stars Patrick Laine, Oh Sens and the next goalie in the pipe line Calvin Harvey. With more teams in the league now it is tougher to find the best talent. What the Titans continue to do it build through the draft and develop its prospects into star talent to replace retiring Titans. It is a cycle that brings continuous success to the franchise. I can say for sure that if Jubo will have me I want to sign with the team for the remainder of my career and finish as a top 5 goalie to have ever played for the team.


There are only 10 games left on the season and we are pumped up for the play off season where we hope to at the least gain more experience as a team and go for that cup win.

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