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VHLM Goalie Spotlight - Week 5

Frozen Block

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GAMES 41-51


3. Ajay Krishna :ott:

I swear I'm not picking this man again because of his swagger, no, Krishna is a beast and there's a good reason his teammates call him the "Cheat Code", again he put in work to help his team rise in the standings winning 8 times and kept a calm mind the whole time, the only time we saw him unfocused was when he needed a drink. 


2. Calvin Harvey :osl:

This week Harvey was able to shut the door against playoff contenders and get some important wins for his team as we get closer to the 72 game mark. Ended up playing 6 different top teams and won 4 times, shutout the Marlins and had 5 game win streak that included wins against San Diego, Saskatoon and the Lynx


1. Bacon :mia:

One point two two goals against, yeah you heard me right, Bacon was able to accomplish a ton this time around and made it look easy. In 11 games he turned aside 157 shots and allowed only 16 goal against while going on a 11 game win streak, four of those games were against San Diego and Ottawa, at the end of the week Bacon only gave up 2 in all games but one time where he let in 4 during this stretch


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