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Lee Xin press conference 2


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1. Where do you see yourself being drafted? (What round and team)

2. Have you had some good conversations with GMs on where you’d fit in a lineup and how they’d plan to develop you?

3. Are there any teams you don’t want to go to?

4. What are your thoughts on your season to this point?

5. Any strange or fascinating rituals you have before game time?

6. Who is your favourite teammate and why?

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1. Well, only 1 team has approached me so far. I won't say which team it is but it's a team I've applied for a job with before. 

2. From the previous answer, no. I'm hoping to have more talks with the teams management soon. 

3. No

4. My season hasn't been amazing because I've been quite inconsistent. After the recent sim, I've had 0 points in 3 games. Those were 2 wins and 1 lose. I'm hoping to step up during the playoffs. 

5. Not strange but I never talk to people even my teammates. Only until line up in the corridor then I talk. That's just my way of doing things. 

6. It'll have to be @JigglyGumballs. He's always so hyped up and talkative. He always does pranks too and I wish to learn some from him. Useful in the future. 

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1. Are you confident in your draft position?
2. How well do you see your rookie season going?
3. Do you see yourself becoming a role player or a stand out performer?
4. How much fun was your time in the VHLM until now?
5.  Do you think you will have a top 9 position in the VHL within the next 3 seasons?
6. What team, if any, do you hope drafts you

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1. Which Ottawa teammates do you hope get drafted to the same team as you?

2. Are you hoping to play another season in the VHLM or come up right away?

3. Are there any teams you do not want to be drafted by?

4. 3 seasons from now, where do you see yourself in your career?

5. Which player are you most looking forward to going up against?

6. Which team's branding in the VHL is your favorite and why?

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