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Seattle So Far


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What a season it's been. Seattle is rolling with the tops dogs once again this season and just when everyone is putting their guard down on the Seattle Bears, there they are. I feel like it's been a good run with this team and overall, we're above where we thought we would reach in terms of success and longevity. I don't think people thought it was going to be this long for success with the Bears. The most famous saying about the team during the late 60's, maybe S70 too, was that the team was gonna get fucked by the Salary Cap, lose a bunch of shit and probably not be able to bounce back to the levels they were at. I think we did an extremely nice job proving them wrong, making some massive moves and making sure we were a couple of steps ahead of the game when it really mattered (which was always. Not only are the Bears near the top once again this season, but a massive milestone is coming up for their GM, Blake Campbell. Being in his 25th season consecutively with the Bears, one has to wonder when his time is gonna end and just how much sand is left in that career hour glass of his. To chase some more words for the word count, here he is.


"Awesome season so far. Been a lot of fun. I think what's special about this season, like it is with almost every season, is the group of guys we have in the locker room. There's some new guys, some old guys and it makes a healthy mix. We've been through it all but we're used to the shitty starts and that's what helps us I think. Every season we start off shitty. We were off to a pretty shit start this season if I'm remembering 100% correctly. Maybe the record wasn't too terrible, but things were just going weird and you could tell some guys were trying to find their hands and wheels. Now we're 47-17-3, tied for 1st place and have the most wins and goals in the league. FYI, we have 261 goals for. The next closest team has 238, so that largely speaks volume that our players are stepping up big time for Ray this year who arguably has done his share of piggy backing the team. The most recent sims were just done within the last half hour (of this sentence, 12 minutes ago). London beat us last sim, barely, but still embarrassingly. Seems as though it was a fuck up by STHS because we kicked their ass and made them shit their pants with a 9-0 blanket. Five players had 3 points or more, Doktor is leading the way with 5 massive points. Apparently we played them a second time during this sim and it was a 4-1 win. Great game by everyone! Strong play heading into the final few sims and playoffs. 


I'm very, very happy with the team this season. I think we still played above expectations, which is something this group is very good at doing. Once again, we have very good odds at going the distant. This is something that we've been able to say almost every season since we started this cycle and to be honest, you'd think it would wear off, but it doesn't"


Should be my media spot, ffs. Oh well. PBE affiliate, too.

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