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Randy Marsh looking for his Bat Dad


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Been a bit since I wrote about my player so here goes. 

It’s been a much improved sophomore campaign for Randy Marsh as he continues his VHL journey. Seemingly improving by the day, he is crushing his rookie marks and becoming a solid defender and offensive contributor. 


One piece of his game that came well defined even before his rookie year, was his fighting skills. But it appears most pros are afraid to get into any altercations with him for fear of being beaten badly. 


With 1 fight win and 4 draws, it’s clear opposing players are doing their best to avoid him and not have to hang on for fear life in a tilt with Marsh. 

When asked what his intimidation strategy is, Marsh said:


“Pretty much I just trash talk their entire team, saying Seattle is better and the other teams have no chance. I think I get players riled up, but as soon as I take my shirt off, they know it’s on for real and they chicken out. I’m sorry, I thought this was America and we had a right to fight.”



As Seattle keeps on winning, it’ll be interesting to see if any players will step up to Marsh’s league wide challenge to fight him. 

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