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SDM Inconsistent? Not Really..


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(Han Jae-kuk with his family in Seoul)


Seoul - Han Jae-kuk and the San Diego Marlins have been in good form for a majority of the season, but many feel they have been inconsistent when facing other top teams in the league. One week they seem like they can beat anyone and the next silly mistakes cost them games against other top teams. This is their biggest question mark heading into the final stretch of the season and then the playoffs. If the Marlins hope to make a cup run they will need to find a way to win consistently against other top squads. We recently caught up with HJK as he was on a mini-vacation in Korea visiting family. This is what he had to offer on the situation with San Diego: 


“You know we have been playing really well, we're second in the standings so I think it is a bit unfair to say we haven’t been playing well against other top teams. I think we play well against everyone but sometimes the other team out plays you and when you are constantly fighting with other highly talented squads of course you may drop some close games, or make some mistakes that cost you. However, overall we are winning a majority of our games, and the squad is coming together really nicely. I think even now the coaches are making small changes that are going to shore up our performances and we will be able to make a strong run for the cup. That being said, it's down to us players to keep performing at a high level and I think with the leadership of this team that won't be an issue! A lot of our guys, including me, are leaving after this year and we’re hungry for a title”


Han Jae-kuk may have a point, it is a little unfair to say they have been inconsistent when their standings seem to point to a team who has performed at a high level all season. This may be a classic case of fans and pundits having high expectations, which often make light of even really good teams when they fail to reach those expectations. Many people had SDM as a top team in the league during the preseason, and even though they are currently sitting in second place some recent losses to other teams in the top 5 have made it look like they're underperforming. In reality San Diego has consistently performed well against top competition, even in losses they are close and always fighting hard. It may appear that SDM is inconsistent but actually the league is just that close right now that all the top teams struggle against one another day in and day out. San Diego is in prime position to make a strong run in the playoffs, all they need to do now is close out the season with some strong performances and keep the momentum going. Of couse everyone here at the Seoul Gazette will be rooting for our Korean wonderboy and his team to go all the way! GO MARLINS!!!

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