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Don't Burn out like a Civic


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A lot of older members (Anyone from S64 to S66) may remember a player by the name of Rhye Tyr. It's pronounced "retire", and was my first real player in the VHL. At first, I wanted to make a goalie, Markus Schauer, an ode to a franchise goalie that my cousin and I managed to draft in NHL GM mode. He played 1100 games, 750~ of those being wins, 100+ shutouts and had a career 0.935 SV% and a career GAA of less than 2. There were two seasons in his career where he was above a GAA of 2,00, but never less than 2.30. He was insane. But as the goalie markets are in the VHL, every team needs one or teams don't need them at all. Most of the time it's the latter. There was a lot of confusion and about four players ended up being retired before I settled on the final version of my VHL player. 

He was an offensive defense man, just like the player that I have now. And honestly I miss him. It's part of what drives me to keep going. To avoid burnout and just have fun. The memories you get from this league come from whatever you make of it. You can have just as much of a good time hitting the welfare button, as you could getting max earnings every week. It's not about winning. It isn't about individual stats or trophy chasing. Which, let's be honest, is completely up to Simon T if you get a chance at winning. The VHL is about memories. It's about having fun. Some people get their fun out of hitting the welfare button and calling it a day, checking in to see how their player is doing. Others, like myself, get their enjoyment from being involved deeply in the matured systems that the VHL has to offer. 

I just wanted to share this because I feel like some people can feel polarized for not putting in as much work as others. Or maybe they don't have as much time to dedicate to something as niche as this as they would like. If you're someone that's in a situation comparable to that, it's okay. We are here to have fun. I lost vision of that when I first fell through in the league.

Mistakes are okay, as long as they only happen once. 

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