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Season recap for the Menace


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               At the time of writing, the Menace have just 2 games left in the regular season. For simplicity, I'll be writing past tense as if the season is finished (even though its not quite).  Moscow have secured 3rd place in the east after a better then expected season. We'll get into some of the in depth stats, as well as their strengths and weaknesses heading into the playoffs.


             While the Menace haven't pumped a ton of rubber into the mesh this season, there seemed to be another force or balance that seemingly let anyone score. In other years of dominance, usually it's been the core that has lead for most of the way. This season, the young guns have really been giving the veterans a run for their money. In all my seasons as a member of Moscow, I don't remember one where scoring was so balanced and well rounded from top to bottom. Zoiderberg led the way with 35G and 42A on the season, the third season in a row where he has gotten to 30 or more goals. Brandt sits 4th in rookie scoring, and 2nd in scoring on the Menace with 65 points in his first VHL season. The defense game is one that Moscow hasn't needed help for a while now. they finished the season tied for the second best goals against in the league with just 188 getting through the pipes. Bernard finished the season with a personal best sv% of .927.


           Scoring depth may be been strong on the Menace this year, but scoring as a whole has been much weaker. Moscow finished 11th in the league for GF despite finishing 6th in the league for points. "We need to get some pucks in the back of the net if we wanna go far in the playoffs" Telker said. "I trust that our defense will do the job the right way, but you can't win series if you lose 2-1 every game." Another presence they lack is wingers. With just 3 wingers on the Menace, a center has been playing wing pretty much all year. In the past, playing a C on the wing hasn't seemed to be an issue for Moscow, as they have done it in many of the past several years. Another thing the menace need to do is something they need to stop doing, taking penalties. "I don't wanna say names, Lagesson, er ummmm.... pass the water bottle". Telker joked. Moscow may not be the worst penalty takers in the league, but staying out of the box could be key in the playoffs. "Lagesson takes a lot of penalties yes, but lots of the time, Its a game changer, or sticking up for a teammate, or dragging an opponent to the box with him because he pissed him off enough first to get the instigator." Telker chimed in.


          With the post season just days away, Moscow have a chance for a cup, probably a smaller chance, but none the less a chance. "I think in the back of everyone's mind, next season is supposed to be Moscow's, with veterans reaching peak tpe, and the rookies that much better a season later. But were already at the dance now, so the race for the cup should start for everyone right now."


players mentioned @HenrikZoiderberg @twists @Mr_Hatter @fever95


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