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Forgetting to do VHL Trivia


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TWIST'S MOM'S BASEMENT, Michigan - Sunday has arrived and the sweet smell of trivia TPE is in the air. Everyone gathers around the VHL Trivia sub-forum early, even though we know @Josh won't post the answer until 11:58PM that night. Today we had a surprise! The answers had actually been posted around 2PM eastern time and the crowd went wild. People may even have enough time to claim their trivia and get it in before the end of the day today! Eagerly awaiting to claim my TPE I ctrl-f'd for my name. It wasn't there. Was there a mistake? Had I been left out on accident? I looked at the questions and realized I had never seen them before. Nope, I actually somehow forgot to do trivia this week. As a result you all get to read this wonderful VHL.com article about me forgetting to do trivia. How exactly does someone forget to do the easiest TPE task of the week? Well, you decide to no-life a couple video games and before you even get out of your chair it's already Sunday. The good news is that I will not be forgetting to do trivia for a while now. 

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27 minutes ago, Victor said:

need more content like this will be posting results before the questions from now on


switch to jeopardy style?

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