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Timothy Brown - 1st attempt


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Review: Not too bad! I really like the text you used a lot, though I would have maybe considered making it a little more transparent, or less dominant and centralized. The glowing border around the player is an interesting touch, and really makes him stand out from the background a lot. As far as critiques: I would consider next time making the canvas size smaller vertically, and not making the player transparent. Transparency can look cool when trying to blend some background layers together, but doesn't really work for the player render. I'd also consider trying to do a logo swap and maybe making the jersey match Seattle's uniform a bit better. Most importantly, I'd move the player render off to one side of the canvas, as, though it may seem counterintuitive, images are a lot more interesting to look at when the subject of the photo is not in the middle of the canvas. Overall though, not bad for a first attempt. I like that you were willing to experiment with different effects and layering. 7/10

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