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Interview with GM K. Rice


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     Hello everyone and welcome to this edition of GM Connected. It is where I your host Thomas Drance connect with General Managers around the VHLM to get a little behind the scenes information about the progress of their clubs and what their plans for the future hold. I don't want to keep you waiting  any longer, this week our first guest on GM Connected is a young up and comer in the VHL Minor's. He was given the responsibility of managing an expansion team in the VHLM and is currently in his second season with that very team. I am happy to welcome the General Manager of the Miami Marauders, K. Rice. 


Rice: Wow that was quite an intro Drancer, thank you so much for having me on your show.


Drance: Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to sit down with us today. Before we get into the team I have a question that I have been dying to know the answer of and that is what name do you prefer to be called? I have heard you been called Krice, K. Rice and even Ricer. Lets clear the air once and for all for the fans out there.

Rice: I had a feeling this question was coming and I am glad to get it out of the way right off the bat. The answer is I don't actually care. Some people like to call me Krice, some call me Ricer and some call me Old Man. What people want to call me is the least of my worries but I am not going to leave everyone hanging who actually do want to know. My name is Kris Rice so when people pronounce Krice its actually K. Rice. 


Drance: Well I am hoping that finally gives our fans out there a little bit of closure. Now on to the fun stuff, How has your tenure been as the GM of the expansion team the Miami Marauders?

Rice: Its been unbelievable, I have been extremely fortunate to have selected such a great group of players over the two seasons in Miami. They have all helped create a fun and accepting culture in Miami that I hope to be able to carry through many more seasons. 

That is something I have heard about Miami, that it is a place that players wants to be because of the amazing culture that surrounds that team. Who are some of the players that have helped create this environment in Miami?


Rice: This dates back to last season but players like Captain @Andre LeBastard and our goaltender @Bacon were such an instrumental part of our team last season. They created a fun and engaging atmosphere for all of our new players. Leading into this season we had many of the same guys back in Miami but were able to add some serious depth and of these players @PatrikLaine, @IamMOOSE and many others have added to what is already a great locker room and made it that much more fun and exciting. 


Drance: That is really something special you have got brewing over there in Miami. So special in fact that you managed to make the playoffs last season and push the number 1 team to 7 games and then in only your second season as a franchise are now the top team in the VHLM. How rewarding is it that you have been so successful right off the bat and who else do you contribute your success to so far?

Rice: What a wild ride it has been. It isn't even the winning that has been the most rewarding part it has been watching the development of all the young players who are striving for greatness in the VHL. I have seen them all go through their ups and downs over these past two seasons but watching them grow into real pros has been the most rewarding. As for who else has contributed to our success, well I think I just made that pretty clear. Its been the players who have worked night in and night out to be as successful as they can be. Its the players who have made the sacrifices so that each player on the team gets enough ice time. They are the heart and soul of this team and  if not for them we would not be where we are at right now.

Drance: So you have mentioned that its the players who really have contributed to the success of this team, how confident in them are you going into these playoffs? There are a handful of teams who have been jostling for top 5 spots all season long, how do you think your team stacks up against the rest?

Rice: My confidence is sky high at the moment. I have faith in these players that they will get the job done. They have worked their tails off for this and I fully expect them to bring a title to Miami by the end of these playoffs. You do however bring up an excellent point, there are a lot of teams are very strong this season and its going to be a test for us in each and every series but my answer remains the same this team has what it takes and I can not wait to see how they perform this post season.

Drance: Well K. Rice it has been a pleasure having you come on our show. That is all the time we have for today but we would love to have you back on the show sometime in the near future. Do you have any closing comments or anything you would like to tell the fans before we let you go?


Rice: Thanks so much Drancer for the taking the time. I just want to say regardless of whether we bring home a title this season I am extremely proud of this team and our staff. They put in the work and now its time to see it pay off. As for the fans, its time to buckle up because you are about to see some teams walk the plank after they have faced off against your Miami Marauders!!! GO MIAMI GOOO!!

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Just now, Ricer13 said:

As for the fans, its time to buckle up because you are about to see some teams walk the plank after they have faced off against your Miami Marauders!!! GO MIAMI GOOO!!


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Nice interview! I have to say, I am still confused about the Krice vs. Ricer vs. The Rice Man vs. Old Geezer, etc. :D Actually I think we've eliminated Krice, so that is something at least. You know the article is good when my criticism is essentially I am still not clear on a nickname. In all seriousness, good interview, good non-pat answers. I think I would have liked to see some more specific questions demanding analysis of the team and its performance, whether it be this year vs. last year, analysis of potential playoff opponents, etc. Still good! Go Marauders! Score: 9/10

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