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Game 552 VAN vs PRG


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Game 552 Post Game Coverage.


These are the final days to the season where every game counts. The Prague Phantoms started the day off slightly holding on to a position to play to the play-in round to the VHL Playoffs by having a one point lead over HC Davos. The Vancouver Wolves had a solid hold of the North American Conference's #4 slot ahead of the 5th place D.C. Dragons by 5 points. It's safe to say this game matters more to the Phantoms than it does to the Wolves


Game 552 started off rough for the Wolves as they went down 2-1 at the end of the first period after Phantom's captain, Alex Pearson's 20th goal of the season. The Wolves were frustrated as they managed to more than double up their opponent in shots that first period after peppering Phantoms rookie goaltender, Woody McPine with 20 shots (that's exactly how many shots the Phantoms got on net the entire game!). Despite that the Wolves managed to keep their calm, focus and more importantly their composure as they managed to stay out of the box for the whole game. 


The 2nd period didn't go that much better for the Wolves as the Phantoms still were leading by one after each team came out of the period with a goal. The 2nd period was more back and forth compared to the first and questions were being raised that the Wolves maybe used most of their gas in the first period as they were starting to slow down. 


The third and final period the Wolves put those questions to rest as they retook control of the game offensively as they continued to pepper McPine and dominate possession of the puck. Despite all their efforts they still found themselves behind by one with 5 minutes left in the third. Instead of giving into their frustrations they ended up buckling down and not only did Jeff Downey end up tying up the game but a timely goal by Brock Louth in the final couple of minutes put them ahead of the Phantoms for the win, stealing a critical point(s) from the Phantom's slowly degrading playoff hopes. 


Key Points


- Alex Pearson's 20th of the year puts him 1 point shy of the 50 point milestone, which would be the 5th time of his career. His goal also marks his 300th career point, all with the Phantoms. 


- Brock Louth's game winning goal puts him a goal ahead of RJ Jubis for the 3rd place on the VHL's goal leader list with 44 goals and officially puts him over the 100 point mark on the season.


-Seabass Perrin's 3 point game wasn't worthy of one of the game's three stars but it was enough for him to reach the 60 point mark and tie his career high of 62 points in a season. 


-Despite letting in 4 goals in the game, McPine had a solid game considering he made 41 saves on the night in a busy game for him, Jimmy Spyro on the other hand for the Wolves had a bad game letting in 3 goal in the 20 shots he faced but ultimately was good enough to give his team the W. 


- This game shows that the Wolves need work on the powerplay after going scoreless in their 5 opportunities this game. 



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