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Another One Of Those Weeks


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Well, when I say another one of those weeks I mean it's only the second week I've had to do this since THE Encarnacion was created (which, crazy to think, was over 10 months ago now) but I won't be hitting the 12 TPE cap this week due to lack of time and an annoying decision to post the trivia answers earlier than the official end of the week.  At this point, I don’t think it really matters that much how often I’m hitting the cap given that this week will take me to 1000 TPE with still one full season to go before regression, but with how easy it is to squeeze in everything before the deadline (or at least when everything is closed at the correct time <_<), it’s something I like to make sure I do just so I don’t fall into that pattern of just not doing anything in a week, because that’s a pattern that's difficult to get out of once you've done it long enough.

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