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I haven't done one of these articles in so long, I can't even remember the last time I did one on my previous player, I wonder how long i'll last doing them now on this player, but gotta bump up those tpe numbers before inevitably busting. Speaking of busting I was pretty happy with Codrick Past's overall career, started off winning a VHLM cup and VHLM playoff mvp, then had a season in Davos and some decent ones in Vancouver along with a cup, and then some more decent seasons along with a breakout season into a Riga cup. Now i'm currently having my best season ever in my last season with Codrick Past and hopefully I can end with another cup. I've had a lot of success team wise with most of my VHL players but I think Codrick Past might've been one of my best individually but I don't really remember all the stats of my former players, it was also the highest tpe player I think out of all of them.

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