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My Random VHL Thoughts - S73 - Part 6

Fire Fletcher

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  • So I was planning on writing a fan 590 about trivia, but then I wrote it and it turned into a media spot. No way I'm giving up that free extra TPE, so find out my thoughts on the topic next week!
  • Playoffs are starting soon! Woo! I hope my player picks it up then. This regular season has been boring for me, as my player has been less than stellar offensively. I knew this was a possibility going into the season, but I didn't think it would be this bad, especially with how much higher scoring is in the VHLM now than it was previously.
  • We had a good number of new recruits this week, but I noticed that many of them only had 1 or maybe 2 VHLM GMs posting in there offering a spot. I find it very hard to believe that there aren't roster spots available on these teams, and that includes ones that are held by so "VHLM lifers." I had planned on writing a media spot about this, but now I don't have to since I already wrote one.
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