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GM Peace leaves for vacation, team eliminated from playoffs.


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TORONTO, ONTARIO -- Toronto Legion skipper Rylan Peace, formerly a Toronto Legion center late in his VHL career, left for a planned camping trip with his family that spanned the course of six days last Saturday while his team was still in the playoffs. He left while the Legion were in a playoff spot, a healthy position he thought, but today he returned from his camping trip to the news his team was eliminated from contention as the Washington based DC Dragons leaped over them in the standings and finally secured a post season birth. 

"It's unfortunate," Peace admitted in a private interview. "I thought we had it, honestly, but if I'm being blunt I'm not entirely surprised. Our team knew we degraded from the team we were last season, and looking back at the season with hindsight, it's pretty obvious it hurt us in the long run. That being said, I think we fought well this season and battled through some adversities that we simply didn't emerge victorious from even last season."

The Toronto Legion may not have made the playoffs, but the Legions' future remains bright, despite the team lacking any form of first round selections in the upcoming S75 VHL Entry Draft. They're expected to be augmented from their prospect pool, featuring just two prospects after the league dumped those who had left the league. The accelerated development of Ziaria Anigbogu -- who's benefited moderately from a new training regime approved by the league recently -- is expected to join the Ontario hockey team during the off season. S74 first round draft pick John Marrick will join the Legion with some moderate expectations from the management team, and comes with a genuine likelihood of being an honest competitor for top rookie honors. 

"There was almost no contract movement in the league this season," GM Peace stated. "I tried to improve our team a few times, but the price was either too steep -- they took too much from our pipeline or picks -- and others took away from the long term goals I had when I took over from [Devise]. I think Toronto will come back stronger next season, but there's certainly an area we need to improve upon, and that'll be an area I hope to address as the off season approaches now." 


The Legion still have two more games left to play in the regular season, but they've been officially eliminated from the playoffs after their 5-1 defeat at the hands of the New York Americans. Toronto plays one last hockey game against New York tomorrow, and they'll certainly be fighting for a revenge victory. After that, the final game of the season for the Legion is against the DC Dragons, the team who squeaked in above them during Peace's vacation. 

The Legion look to get a revenge win there, and perhaps shake the Dragons' confidence heading into the playoffs. 

 At this point, however, there isn't anything the Toronto Legion can do to claw their way back into the post season. It's unfortunate, but not entirely unexpected as GM Peace commented earlier, and we're excited to see what both Anigbogu and Merrick bring to Ontario next season. 

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