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Killinger: "Am I good now?"


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Erik Killinger isn't exactly a household name yet, and quite frankly he is a long way away from becoming one, but he's earned a reasonable amount of respect and league reputation this season by climbing above the formerly challenging point-per-game mark as a mobile two-way defender. The Legions' top guard still has two more games to play, but at eighty one [81] points in seventy games, he slots in as the ninth best VHL defensemen this season. 

"Am I good now?" Killinger asked. 

The answer is no... from me at least. 

The only other category Killinger is featured is one he knows he shouldn't be included in: PIM

The goon racked up 172 penalty minutes that most likely contributed to his team loosing more games that they may have otherwise won. 

Meanwhile on Toronto, another player with nearly a hundred more hits, has sixty less penalty minutes. Magnum needs to show Killinger the ways of the discipline, and perhaps smack his hands a few times from all those hooking and high sticking calls Erik takes. Will he? We hope so. 

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