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Vegas controversy


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So I've been writing articles about the VHL for my entire time here but let's switch things up a bit. Well, yesterday VGK goalie M.A. Fleury's agent tweeted a picture of the Flower getting back stabbed by DeBoer. Shocking eh! Maybe not to some because Deboer coached San Jose before being hired by their rivals Vegas. 

Marc-Andre Fleury asks agent to delete controversial sword Tweet

"This edit looks really good tbh if you don't look at the fact that it has a message behind it."

This was surprising only because its the Flowers agent. Fleury has been known to be a guy with class and team spirit everyone should have. This has played a big part in my life because I do play a team sport and this is crucial for me to be better there. Before the tweet blew this whole goalie thing up, many had already speculated that he wouldn't be happy with HC's decision of playing Lehner but there's a reason for this. No matter how much I admire Fleury, he's just hasn't been playing well or consistently this season. Many say that he's brought this franchise to where they are today and no doubt that he has but VGK hired their rival team's coach as their own so anything can happen in this organisation. 


Lehner, the Panda acquired at the trade deadline has played well since starting for them in the regular season and DeBoer has favoured him. To be frank, I saw this coming from a mile away. The age gap has also forced Fleury to be a backup and watch from the bench. He's no longer the young goaltender that was between the Penguin's pipes long ago. It's the NHL playoffs and just like the VHL playoffs, the team wants to win games and ultimately the cup. This problem can also be seen in the VHL occasionally. It's definitely sad to see the Flower take a back seat in this as a fan of him but I think it's time to look at the organisation as a whole and think about the bigger picture. After all, it's the playoffs here and there. 

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10 minutes ago, Sonnet said:


Huge Vegas fan here, been following this closely since it surfaced.


This is the part that so many people are ignoring because of their Fleury fetish. I love Fleury more than anything, but the hard truth is that he was mediocre at best throughout this entire season. This isn't 17-18 Fleury that took Vegas to the cup finals off of his back alone, he's been shaky all season and that's not what Vegas needs right now. The Knights are a team built to win now, and Fleury hasn't shown that he can keep up with that goal this season.


I really want to believe that his agent acted independently of him, I've always seen Flower as one of the most beloved, professional figures in the game. If there's anyone in the NHL who understands that business is business, and we have to do what's best for the team, I would expect it to be MAF.


Either way, what a really shitty time to spark some dumbass petty drama. The team is in the middle of a good-looking playoff run, this is NOT the time to start creating a divide in the locker room. It seems like MAF has talked it out with everyone, and everyone feels comfortable that there will be no issues going forward, but I hate that this even happened to begin with.

Ya, the first hockey game I watched was the 2018 finals when Holtby made that stick save on Tuch, from then on a hockey and Vegas fan. I'll have to agree with u. My heart tells me that Fleury should be in net but my mind defers. It's going to be weird to see how his future turns out with this team cause his agent's name should be on that sword in my opinion. But his agent has done it with Halak before so no surprise there

Nice to meet a fellow VGK fan here!

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Just now, Sonnet said:


Don't remind me, I was at that game...

Still hurts me too even though it's my first hockey game. I should've waved, might have waved at u HAHA

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