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SITR: Season at a Glance - Las Vegas Aces

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SITR: Season at a Glance - Las Vegas Aces


Stick In The Rink is a new channel on VHL Network, where we explore the 73rd Season of VHL and its minor associate VHLM. This week on Stick In The Rink, we are featuring the season thus far for the Las Vegas Aces.  (43 words)


With the S73 regular season coming toward an end, one game left to play, the Las Vegas Aces sit comfortably in third place in the division and Western Conference, and 6th overall in VHLM. The Las Vegas Aces had an incredible season in S73, coming into the season with a team filled with a good mixture of youth and vets. Las Vegas made quite a few transactions throughout the year, adding extra personnel through free agent signings to fill the bottom six and defence. With forty five Wins and ninety five Points in seventy one Games, the Las Vegas Aces will end S73 a little short of last year in S72, which is a practical result with all the changes and new players this season.  (125 words)


In S73, the Las Vegas Aces scored well with 265 goals for, which gives them 4th in the VHLM. However with the goals for to goals against differential being only 56, placing 7th in the VHLM, it is clear what needs to be worked on to have a successful post season and next season. While these statistics may change with the few remaining games left in S73, let's have a look at the accomplishments of the Las Vegas Aces in S73.  (81 words)


The Las Vegas Aces scored a season high of 7 goals in a game three times this season, against Mexico City Kings, Yukon Rush, and the Halifax 21st respectively. The Aces also had 10 games scoring 6 goals. On the other hand, the Las Vegas Aces did have multiple bad games, in which they let in 8 goals. In S73, the Aces did fairly well against the Yukon Rush, winning 7 of 8 matches, and also sweeping all 8 games against Mexico City Kings. While the Aces do know how to beat down lower ranked teams, like young teams go they also take beat downs from elite teams such as the Miami Marauders, losing 4 of 5 after taking the first meeting. A good news is the ability to score; only being shut out 2 times in 71 games, but defence while hasn't been great all season does have 7 perfect games.  (152 words)


Leading the LAs Vegas Aces is young star, Kasey Tamm @kesytamm who scored the team leading 47 goals and 91 points. Kasey Tamm is also forth in assist for the team with 44. Being the only point per game player on the team, Kasey Tamm carried a major load for the team while playing on the second line and averaging 20.57 minutes per game. Regardless, the Las Vegas Aces does have a relatively good offensive season. The team has 6 players with 20 or more goals, 3 with at least 30; they have a potential to have 8 twenty goal scorers if Rhynex Entertainment @Rhynex Entertainment 19 goals and Nicholas Sunderbruch @NickSunderbruch 18 goals, score 1 and 2 goals respectively. The Aces also produced a lot of apples this season, with 6 players having more than 40 assists. Tim Waters @Siddhus leads the way with 53 apples, with Rhynex Entertainment close behind with 49. Defensively and grittiness of the team could use some extra attention. Gabriel Akerstrom @Mason leads the team with 92 shot blocks, while Rhynex Entertainment is a minibus with 146 hits. In net, Nils Friedriksen @Biggreen10 cannot be left out of the conversation for the Ace's season success. Nils Friedriksen played 69 games posting 43 Wins, 26 Losses, 5 being on Overtime. With a 2.85 Goals Against Average, saving 88.1% with 7 shutouts, Nils Friedriksen has backstopped the Las Vegas Aces to the playoffs.  (237 words)


With the final game of the season for the Las Vegas Aces coming right around the corner, it has been a fantastic year for the Aces. Looking for a lot more hockey for S73, the Aces look to have a long run in the post season. Here's to a strong finish and great and memorable playoffs! Lastly, give three cheers to the people at the top of the club! Special cheers to the General Manager @Spartan and Assistant @twists! (79 words)


Total word count: 717


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