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Pietro Angellini - Learning Photoshop (First Attempt)

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Review: Wow, that's really good, especially considering this is your first attempt at a graphic on photoshop. The logo swap is done very well, you changed the perspective of the logo perfectly to make it look as if it's really attached to the jersey. The jersey colour change is pretty good as well, and the next and background compliment everything nicely. I always admire when someone is willing to play around with different effects and it looks like you've done that here. Not many suggestions. Maybe I'd consider making the canvas size smaller in proportion to the player. Grahpics tend to look better when the render takes up more of the image. I usually scale my graphics by making them 400 pixels wide, while maintain the aspect ratio. Otherwise though, a great job on this graphic! 9/10

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This is a pretty good job, especially for your first attempt! You did a good job making the colours fit San Diego’s identity. I appreciate that you took the time to put the logo on the crest and make it look fairly natural as well. The colour scheme is very thematic and I like the consistency you kept through the entire graphic. The font style is a very interesting choice. It works but gets a little lost in front of the player. Background isnt quite my taste but that’s personal preference. Overall this is a great job though! 9/10

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