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Gabriel Ready for the Playoffs


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After joining the team mid season, Gabriel Akerstrom has worked hard this season to establish himself as a player of value for the Las Vegas Aces. It hasn't been the easiest run the whole time, but with little time left in the season he's proud of what he's been able to achieve. Racking up 5 goals and 47 assists in the 60 games that he's played this season, he's been an important part of an Aces offense that has surprised many people with the level of success that it's been able to obtain.


In addition to the offensive contribution that he's been able to make, Gabriel has been incredibly solid in his own zone, currently leading the team in shots blocked and +/-. For a defenseman who places a large focus on his offensive prowess, these are both huge achievements and ones that he's certainly very proud of. Gabriel's personality however does not allow for anything besides success when it comes to competing, so if all of this success comes to mean little in the long run, he's going to be incredibly disappointed.


The playoffs are where champions are made, and that's precisely were Gabriel's focus is right now, and he's planning on making an even bigger contribution there than he did during the regular season. 


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