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S73 All-Star Game (Public Vote)



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  1. 1. FORWARDS *Could only add 20 Forwards to the Vote*

    • Sigard Gunnar (LAS) - 60G, 59A, 119P, 25, 60PIM, 152HIT, 41SB,
    • Hunter Hearst Helmsley (WAR) - 45G, 68A, 113P, 0, 109PIM, 259HIT, 52SB
    • Scott Greene (SEA) - 30G, 75A, 105P, 26, 61PIM, 113HIT, 23SB
    • Brock Louth (VAN) - 46G, 59A, 105P, 36, 140PIM, 221HIT, 43SB
    • Benny Graves (DCD) - 38G, 65A, 103P, 16, 97PIM, 251HIT, 10SB
    • Tyler Barabash Jr (LAS) - 37G, 65A, 102P, 24, 21PIM, 26HIT, 41SB
    • RJ Jubis (CGY) - 45G, 55A, 100P, 55, 71PIM, 166HIT, 29SB
    • Patrik Tallinder (RIG) - 41G, 58A, 99P, 9, 19PIM, 30HIT, 33SB
    • Guy Lesieur (DCD) - 46G, 53A, 99P, -5, 20PIM, 68HIT, 51SB
    • Lewis Dawson (MAL) - 36G, 60A, 96P, 0, 37PIM, 43HIT, 22SB
    • Kyl Oferson (RIG) - 42G, 52A, 94P, 48, 63PIM, 127HIT, 31SB
    • Mat Tocco (VAN) - 39G, 54A, 93P, 42, 41PIM, 98HIT, 24SB
    • Acyd Burn (NYA) - 37G, 53A, 90P, 36, 16PIM, 47HIT, 38SB
    • Ben Hafkey (HSK) - 29G, 60A, 89P, 38, 34PIM, 110HIT, 23SB
    • Codrick Past (RIG) - 44G, 44A, 88P, 56, 49PIM, 114HIT, 28SB
    • Uhtred (SEA) - 43G, 46A, 89P, 33, 2PIM, 36HIT, 30SB
    • Ambrose Stark (SEA) - 32G, 56A, 88P, 10, 10PIM, 43HIT, 31SB
    • Jerry Wang (NYA) - 37G, 51A, 88P, 8, 65PIM, 109HIT, 81SB
    • Ray Sheilds (MAL) - 41G, 44A, 85P, 7, 130PIM, 294HIT, 31SB
    • Chad Magnum (TOR) - 40G, 43A, 83P, 3, 126PIM, 371HIT, 25SB
  2. 2. DEFENCE

    • Jeff Downey (VAN) - 32G, 74A, 106P, 34, 110PIM, 149HIT, 138SB
    • Lincoln Tate (RIG) - 20G, 85A, 105P, 40, 155PIM, 250HIT, 130SB
    • Berocka Sundqvist (SEA) - 30G, 63A, 93P, 28, 90PIM, 118HIT, 122SB
    • Hulk Hogan (SEA) - 24G, 69A, 93P, 17, 94PIM, 148HIT, 129SB
    • Condor Adrienne (MAL) - 24G, 66A, 90P, -1, 216PIM, 273HIT, 171SB
    • Luciano Valentino (DCD) - 14G, 76A, 90P, 17, 102PIM, 132HIT, 138SB
    • Guy Sasakamoose (RIG) - 14G, 74A, 88P, 16, 140PIM, 238HIT, 145SB
    • Odin Omdahl (SEA) - 27G, 60A, 87P, 10, 4PIM, 8HIT, 191SB
    • Alex Bridges (WAR) - 20G, 66A, 86P, -9, 114PIM, 259HIT, 194SB
    • Erik Killinger (TOR) - 19G, 62A, 81P, 1, 174PIM, 250HIT, 166SB
    • Erik Summers (HSK) - 18G, 62A, 80P, 9, 120PIM, 210HIT, 118SB
    • Micheal Gary Scott (NYA) - 19G, 58A, 77P, 36, 53PIM, 52HIT, 110SB
    • Edwin THE Encarnacion (CGY) - 9G, 66A, 75P, 7, 43PIM, 48HIT, 123SB
    • Griff Manzer (VAN) - 13G, 55A, 68P, 10, 140PIM, 195HIT, 159SB
    • Dean Clarke (MOS) - 14G, 53A, 67P, 11, 28PIM, 41HIT, 121SB,
    • Oskar Lagesson (MOS) - 12G, 54A, 66P, 16, 191PIM, 261HIT, 134SB
    • Gabriel Gutzwiler (TOR) - 15G, 51A, 66P, -4, 65PIM, 107HIT, 186SB
    • General Zod (CGY) - 4G, 62A, 66P, 52, 150PIM, 211HIT, 98SB
    • Lance Flowers (NYA) - 10G, 53A, 63P, 23, 145PIM, 224HIT, 137SB
    • Seabass Perrin (PRG) - 6G, 57A, 63P, -14, 66PIM, 109HIT, 129SB
  3. 3. GOALIES (10 game minimum played)

    • Jacques Lafontaine (CGY) - 64GP, 37-21-6, 0.917SV%, 2.46GAA, 3SO, 1918SA
    • Joakim Bruden (DAV) - 64GP, 29-29-6, 0.909SV%, 2.77GAA, 3SO, 1960SA
    • Zamboni Driver (HSK) - 16GP, 11-3-0, 0.913SV%, 2.36GAA, 0SO, 389SA
    • Samuel Ross (HSK) - 60GP, 38-15-5, 0.911SV%, 2.93GAA, 2SO, 1911SA
    • A Red Guy (NYA) - 64GP, 38-21-5, 0.928SV%, 2.51GAA, 8SO, 2243SA
    • Greg Eagles (RIG) - 67GP, 43-20-3, 0.92SV%, 2.54GAA, 4SO, 2056SA
    • Jacob Tonn (SEA) - 14GP, 8-3-1, 0.882SV%, 3.12GAA, 0SO, 305SA
    • Rayz Funk (SEA) - 64GP, 41-15-4, 0.921SV%, 2.48GAA, 6SO, 1933SA
    • Jaxx Hextall (TOR) - 64GP, 31-26-7, 0.917SV%, 3.01GAA, 5SO, 2306SA
    • Raymond Bernard (MOS) - 64GP, 34-21-9, 0.927SV%, 2.56GAA, 2SO, 2289SA
    • Grekkark Gyrfalcon (MAL) - 65GP, 30-27-6, 0.913SV%, 3.07GAA, 0SO, 2241SA
    • Jimmy Spyro (VAN) - 64GP, 32-24-8, 0.913SV%, 2.95GAA, 4SO, 2158SA
    • Stone Wolski (DCD) - 64GP, 32-29-2, 0.909SV%, 2.82GAA, 2SO, 1953SA
    • Woody McPine (PRG) - 40GP, 16-17-5, 0.904SV%, 3.22GAA, 0SO, 1258SA
    • Virgil Ligriv (PRG) - 38GP, 18-14-2, 0.914SV%, 2.7GAA, 0SO, 1090SA
    • Kolur Bjoernsson (LAS) - 14GP, 4-3-1, 0.921SV%, 2.91GAA, 0SO, 417SA
    • Jean Pierre Camus (CHI) - 62GP, 17-42-3, 0.907SV%, 3.79GAA, 3SO, 2521SA
    • Juan Jaundice (LDN) - 10GP, 3-7-0, 0.888SV%, 4.48GAA, 0SO, 367SA
    • Nicolas Fomba (WAR) - 64GP, 21-35-8, 0.907SV%, 3.52GAA, 2SO, 2442SA

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The VHL All-Star Game!


*I quickly added the logos as emojis don't hate me graphics nerds* 


All-Star Player Selection


12 Forwards

8 Defensemen 

4 Goalies



EACH MEMBER CAN VOTE FOR 12 PLAYERS (no matter the position)


That's it. 24 players -- two forward lines, two defensive lines, and two goalies each for two teams to represent 12 VHL teams. 


But how are we going to do it?


We decided to go with a different direction when it comes to the All Star Game. ALL 24 players will be up to you. The players with the most votes will become the team captains. Each of our team captains will pick one worthy player from their the player pool to become their assistant captain. They then will pick from the remaining players publicly and put their team together. In this thread each member of the VHL can vote for up to 12 players; we'll have this thread up for a week, then finalize our rosters.


But before I get ahead of myself, we'll also need to select the team captains for each team. This is a public vote - so the players with the greatest number of votes will be the ones managing our all-stars.



The Draft & Game


Once the Captains of each team are chosen we can get to the draft portion of the Event. Each Captain will participate in a snake-style draft (team 1-team 2-team 2-team 1...) to select the teams for the All Star game. Once the players are selected then the Captains will send me there lines and who there starting goalie will be. Since there are 4 goalies selected, the starting goalie will play periods 1 and 3 and the backup will play the 2nd period (unless asked otherwise).


For this year's All Star Game we'll be using NHL 20 on PS4 to run and record the event. The event will be announced and conducted at a later time to reach as many members as possible. The game will be three periods of 15 minutes real-time, so it'll be a full-length, live-streamed & recorded game.


I'll be creating NHL versions of our VHL stars and (hopefully) the captains teams using their VHL stats (height, weight, scoring, speed, etc.) so you can see just how deadly our favorite snipers and how powerful our favorite goons are.




Because of the recent TPE Inflation we have chosen to remove the TPE rewards from this event. While this might reduce the amount of interest we hope the community continues to support these events.


EACH MEMBER CAN VOTE FOR 12 PLAYERS (no matter the position)




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Sorry I forgot to do this part!

Here are this seasons all stars!

(Captain) Sigard Gunnar (LAS) @Big Mac

Hunter Hearst Helmsley (WAR) @Beaviss
Scott Greene (SEA) @DoktorFunk
Benny Graves (DCD) @STZ
Brock Louth (VAN) @Beaviss
Patrik Tallinder (RIG) @Patrik Tallinder

RJ Jubis (CGY) @Jubis
Guy Lesieur (DCD) @KC15
Acyd Burn (NYA) @Acydburn
Ben Hafkey (HSK) @McLovin
Ray Sheilds (MAL) @Zetterberg
Kyl Oferson (RIG) @Nykonax



(Captain) Lincoln Tate (RIG) @Tate
Jeff Downey (VAN) @JeffD
Berocka Sundqvist (SEA) @Berocka
Condor Adrienne (MAL) @OrbitingDeath
Hulk Hogan (SEA) @TXC
Erik Summers (HSK) @Erik Summers
Alex Bridges (WAR) @Alex Bridges
Lance Flowers (NYA) @CowboyinAmerica

A Red Guy (NYA) @.sniffuM
Jacques Lafontaine (CGY) @SlapshotDragon
Raymond Bernard (MOS) @Mr_Hatter
Rayz Funk (SEA) @Rayzor_7


Congrats to all the All-Stars!

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