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ODE to Boubabi


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This one might turn some heads, but it is long overdue. Boubabi has been one of the best graphic makers in all sim leagues. Across the board his knowledge of Photoshop (and Illustrator if you see his other designs) is very high. If you've ever had the chance to view one of his live sigs you'll see the steps (although at times it can get confusing) on how to create certain aspects of a sig. If you've also had the chance to see some of the work he does on the aesthetic aspect of the board, you'll have noticed a lot of effort and need for site improvement. He isn't soft spoken and does speak his mind at times which can get him in to trouble, I feel he has said some things when he was younger he may not be happy with (like all of us have). Unfortunately like Chris, he is a Habs fan so it's hard to support that side of him being that the franchise isn't the best run. Here's to many more great sigs and live sig tutorials where we can learn some graphic techniques. Raise a glass of your coldest Broken 7 beer to @boubabi!

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