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Playoff Luke is ready for the VHLM playoff!

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What time is it?...


Miami is officially the number 1 team in the VHL after only there SECOND season in the league! There GM Ricer12 and Assisstant GM bigAl are doing an amazing job for this franchise early on. Miami finished the season 56-14-2 with a 23% PP, a 81% PK and becoming the very best defensive team in the league. They got a very elite group of guys that are heading into the playoff very hot with a 8-1-1 record in there last ten games scoring 40 goals in 10 games, 4 goals a game basically! We still need to wait how the playoff will go because anything can happen, but this stacked elite group of guys really got a chance to hoist the VHLM cup for the franchise in only 2 season. 


Assistant GM bigAL and GM Ricer12


As you guys know, Luke Thornton has been drafted by the Miami Marauders and the media was not expecting him to have a good season because of this elite group of guys already, but he eventually managed to become an important part of the team once finishing his first VHLM season after being separated from his cousin Onde Sandstrom during the VHLM draft. He started playing on the third line, some ice time on the second penalty kill line and had a poor start to his career, but he eventually got used to the size rink and gained experience during the season to eventually become comfortable. The coach saw his progressing was trending up quickly and gave him more and more roles to fill for the team. Luke Thornton is now playing on the elite first line with Kevin King and Patrick Line, first line power play, first line penalty kill and the last minute offensive and defensive line by producing surprisingly 20 goals, 42 assists for 62 points (21 points from the PP and 3 short handed goals) despite his poor start. He is also a +23, near 100 hits and even though he is a winger, he had 52% on the face off circle by taking 117 face off. Luke Thornton is now making a big case for the incoming S74 draft and will make the GM think hard because he has franchise potential in him.





Luke Thornton last 6 game has been amazing to watch. I will show you a closer look to it:

Game 396.  2 goals, 1 assist and 3 hits on a 6-0 Win.


Game 402. 2 assists and 1 hit in a 4-3 Win.


Game 406. 1 assist and 2 hits in a 2-1 Win.


Game 417. 1 goal, 3 assists and 4 hits in a 7-1 Win.


Game 424. 1 goal and 1 assist in a 4-3 Win.


Game 428. 1 goal and 2 assists in a 6-1 Win.


Yup an amazing run, responsible for 50% of the team offense and he's doing his job defensively. He's ready to do some damage in the playoff.





Luke Thornton is really excited to wreak some havoc and hopefully hoisting the cup if his team goes all the way. He really hopes that this will put the VHL GMs on notice since there's been a lot of rumors of him falling down in the draft for some bigger names prospect in his class. 

Go Miami Go! 




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