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2nd season donezo


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Hi dlamb, i'm just here for the TPE so don't mind me


Overall I dig the graphic - I really enjoy the ones that seem to have a purpose, like this one, where you're flexing your stats. I like the font, background, and simplicity of the graphic overall. The only piece of criticism I have is the Marauders logo is like, a little lower quality than the rest of the graphic?? I don't know if that's actually something you could fix or just the name of the game.


Great job, I could never make something like this, 9/10!!


(p.s. how does it feel to know that Socks had more points and a higher +/- than Lamb hehehe)

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I’m really into this. Info graphic isn’t easy to pull off. Lots of great info and the charts are a good addition. Great Jersey change, overall a really nice piece. Would be something like a real life team would put out.


great stuff 9/10

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