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Scouting Report - Lee Xin


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Prospect Scouting Reportimage.png.280461befe7c7191b97598678756fe77.png

Name: Lee Xin

Height: 6’0’’

Weight: 175 lb.

Age: 19

VHLM drafted: 51st overall


Born in Malaysia, Lee Xin hasn’t gotten much opportunity in his country of birth. But things changed when he moved to Canada. This vicious winger played hockey for a local team in Brampton, Ontario. While he was playing in the Ontario, he put up 55 points in 60 games. At the end of S72, he was scouted by scouts of the VHLM and offered a contract by Mississauga and without a doubt, he accepted it. The season came to an early end, but he was stoked for the draft. The draft saw Lee Xin get picked up the Ottawa.

After accepting the offer and officially making the transition to the VHLM through the Hounds, he played 9 games with 0 points. That wasn’t a great start for him, but he was determined to be better. Lee Xin spent hours on the ice, in the gym but he also made sure he had enough recovery time to prevent injury. During the post season is when the draft took place. Lee Xin was drafted by the Lynx in the 5th round.



1.       Shooting – Lee Xin has a strong, accurate shot. He goes on ice early and leaves the ice last, just to practice his signature wrist and snap shots. During his time as a winger in Brampton, he was known league wide for it too. The power and accuracy of his shot shines on the man advantage where he winds up for a slap shot or a simple wrist shot that goes top corner.

2.       Ability to help defensemen – Lee Xin spends his summer attending summer camps just for skating. He aims to be one the fastest and smoothest on the ice just like Connor McDavid. Being fast and fluid allows him to skate back to the defensive zones during odd man rushes or breakaways to help out and prevent the opponent from scoring.

3.       Puck Handling – Having silky mitts is a bonus (but more of a must) for wingers. And Lee Xin thinks its necessary. Combines with his speed and shot, having smooth hands makes him a player that many teams will desire. And warmup your hands guys, it’s important!

4.       Work Ethic – One thing about Lee Xin is that he’s a dedicated and motivated guy. He will spend hours on ice and in the gym to get to where he wants to be which is raising the Founder’s Cup. His first on the ice, last off the ice mentality makes him the player everyone looks up to. I managed to get a few words with him that day at training and I asked him about his work ethic. This is what he has to say, “Having a good work ethic will change how you are on the ice. You have to keep working hard for what you want and at the end of the day, it will pay off.”



Lee Xin on an odd man rush



1.       Physicality – With a smaller build compared to his teammates, Lee Xin often finds himself stuck by the boards with the puck and no where to move. Since his days in Brampton, Lee Xin has found it difficult to be physical and make big hits in the league. He says it’s just not his nature to make hits or checks.

2.       Decision making – Decisions are all over in hockey, players have to choose to shoot, pass or deke. Lee Xin finds that difficult. An interviewer asked him about how this affects his game and he says that this increased the time he holds the puck as his mind is focused on deciding what to do. “ I will have to admit that this is my weakness as I get exposed to hits with my head down.” said Lee Xin.



Lee Xin taking a hit to make a play


In the VHLM:

Time to start S73. A day before the season started, DoktorFunk announced the lines. STHS doesn’t allow players to view the lines before the games are played so I had to wait a full day. But the wait was worth it, Lee found himself playing on the second and fourth line as a LW. Double shifts!! A dream for a rookie in the VHLM! It took some time for the rookie to net his first. His first game wasn’t great, ending the night with a -2 rating and 2 PIM with 24:04 minutes played. However, the tides turned, and he scored his first ever VHLM goal against his previous team, the Hounds. “It felt great to score my first and most importantly prove myself to all the GMs that passed on me! Against my previous team is a bonus.” Lee stated in a press conference after the game. After a hot start, production slowed down for him but as a rookie he’s done great. All his friends told him. Fast forward to the present day, he tallied 26 goals and 25 assists with a +11 rating. Towards the end of the season, Ottawa acquired some additional forces to improve their odds at the cup. This has taken away Lee’s double shifts but had gain more PP and PK time than before. Now he’s part of the 2 players on the penalty shot queue.


Season stats:

VHLM – Regular Season



VHLM – Playoffs




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