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The list of disrespect towards Helsinki winger Jim Bob keeps getting longer and longer, the latest hit came yesterday when S73 All-Star voting started, Jim Bob was not among the 20 forwards who got nominated.


''I guess I'm just old-fashioned, but when I play in the team that was the best in the league and there is what 9 forwards in the roster, I automatically assumed that it's enough to at least be named among the forwards who could play in the All-Star game''


Jim Bob had a good year, in 72 games he had 60 points with 200 hits and over 100 penalty minutes. In the eyes of many Jim was one of the better defensively minded players in the league, but it was not enough for the All-Star committee.


''I don't know what I need to do in order to impress these people in suits, I play hard every game. Do you know how hard it is to score a goal in VHL? It's ridiculously hard and I got 21 this year. A player like myself needs to get beaten and bruised most of the time to get that one goal. Can you imagine if you would have to receive the same treatment in your daily job? Only a few would last. Sure, I get paid millions of dollars to play this game, but does not change the fact in my eyes that I need to push everything out of myself to get on the scoreboard.''


Despite not getting into the All-Star game, Jim Bob and the Helsinki Titans have a lot to look forward to, the playoffs are starting soon! Helsinki is going to play against Malmo in the first round.


''Let's get back to me and the All-Star game, If people in suits think I'm going to come in and watch the All-Star game from the stands or do any kind of media work like Bizzonette or whatever the guys' name is, they are sorely mistaken, I'm going to boycott the game and I'm going to tell all my friends to do the same''


Malmo made it into the playoffs as the last team in the European division, Davos and Prague were one and two points behind, so the battle for playoff spots was intense. That might be something that provides momentum for Malmo, they have nothing to lose and they have in a way played playoffs games already when every game was important at the end of the regular season.


Meanwhile, Helsinki Titans have been able to almost coast it when they secured a spot in the playoffs well before the end of the regular season. They have perhaps been able to relax and prepare for the playoff games for a longer period of time without the need to play their best and risk any injuries.


Can Malmo and their momentum of making the playoffs surprise Helsinki who has saved some energy and effort into the playoffs? We will soon find out, games starting tomorrow!

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Standard self player content. Good pacing, formatting is a bit wonky since you switch from narrative to first person mode a bunch of time outside of your quotations it seems.


Could use additional formatting to make it look nicer. You used a picture which is fine but additional coloration never hurts.



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