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Malmo top-3


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Helsinki Titans will be playing against Malmo Nighthawks in the first round. Since I'm a physical winger playing for Helsinki, I'm going to do a quick top-3 list on players who I'm going to try run over every chance I get.


1. Condor Adrienne

An obvious choice, Condor is one of the best puck-moving defenders in the league. Had 90 points this year. If I can take his mind out of the game even a little bit and make him watch out for me and my hits - that will be a good thing for Helsinki, Malmo will have that much more trouble getting out of their own zone.


2. Jungkok

Battle of the grinders? I reckon me and Jungkok are fairly similar as players, both like to hit. The only difference is that I'm more of a playmaker and Jung shoots more. The reason why I'm planning on targeting Jungkok is simple, I don't want him to run over Titans skill players. If I can make him focus on me more than on the skill players - mission completed. 


3. Grekkark Gyrfalcon

Playoff games are big games, every game is important. Grekkark is Malmo´s starting goalie and when perhaps the biggest part in my game is to play hard, I'm not going to stop skating just because Grekkark is out of position. If he goes behind the net, you can bet your monthly salary that I will try to run him over. If I get suspended for couple of games - so be it. The benefits of taking Grekkark out of his comfort zone is well worth it.


These three are high in my list, but in all fairness, I'm ready to play and ready to hit everything that moves. Excited to get the playoff games going!




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