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VHLM Goalie Spotlight - Week 7 + Overall Results

lil OG z

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Week 7/Games 63-72


3. Nils Friedriksen :veg:

Just what the doctor ordered for the Aces in the last stretch of games and Friedriksen stood tall beating playoff teams 5 times in 8 games including 3 wins against Ottawa alone. Playing every shot like it was the last Nils didn't take any days off working to better his game and he demonstrated great leadership abilty when his team was down


2. Drew Minott :hou:

Steady and bright eyed for the puck we see an amazing performance out of a streaky Minott in the last part of the VHLM season. He was able to stay rock solid and shutout the opposition once in a 3-0 win, had 3 different wins against the Wild in a 6 game streak, making the rest of the playoffs teams nervous to take on a goaltender that's ready for the next level of hockey. 


1. Bacon :mia:

Like last week Bacon continued to win and help his team get a better seed in the playoffs gaining 16 of a possible 20 points in the last week of games. The Marauders only played contenders 4 times but put a dent in the Marlins ego beating them twice, goals against wasn't problem either as we see Bacon come out of week with the best GAA plus he had a shutout and a 6 game win streat during this time to add a cherry on top



Well I had a lot of fun following the leagues best goalies this season and it helped me to be more involved than my last character getting a series together, Now I know how I could perform with my future goaltening build and what to expect.. If I could have did anything different I'd get more names involved and include the lower teams, bad planning on my part. It still turned out OK and think it's an interesting read for the players themselves and their teams who want to get pumped up or change strategies to stop allowing X amount of goals, etc. Thanks to the bunch who left a comment and/or reaction.. It means a lot :)


Last thing I wanted to do was add up all the spotlights together because I wad curious who had the most mentions and performed the best in S74. 1sts equal 30, 2nds equal 20 and 3rds equal 10. Overall our best goaltenders this season were..




3. Ajay Krishna :ott:

Krishna played his heart out this season and showed spirts of greatness in stretches, he stood tall and had 10 shutouts which lands him 2nd in the league, we see him come in 2nd again in wins with 52 and for a 3rd time come 2nd in assists, getting his name on the scoresheet 3 different times

80 - 2 1sts, 0 2nds, 2 3rds


2. Bacon :mia:

Bacon was a much talked about goalie this season and for a good reason, he had the most wins by 4 with 56 and averaged a phenominal 2 goals against all season making one of the best to do it in S74

110 - 3 1sts, 1 2nds, 0 3rds


1. Calvin Harvey :osl:

Harvey ends the season on top and is our #1 goaltender this season. He was all over the leaderboards and lead the league with most shutouts by 3 with a total of 13 perfect games

110 - 2 1sts, 2 2nds, 1 3rd


Congratulations and nice work with building your players this season! Good luck in the playoffs!!


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