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Laine nervous, excited for playoffs


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Patrik Laine (pictured) taking part in warmups prior to Miami's regular season finale against Philadelphia, who they play in round 1 of the Founder's Cup Playoffs


MIAMI - There may be no one more excited to jump into playoff hockey than Patrik Laine. The 18 year old Finn had a breakout season in the VHLM, setting career highs in goals (29), assists (47), points (76), hits (125) and plus/minus (+36). Laine is hoping to steer Miami to a Founder's Cup Championship this spring and even though the nerves are there, he says he is excited for the opportunity.


"You know, even though I haven't played in the playoffs before, the arena is going to be rocking tonight. Fans are excited with the opportunity we have and so am I. I think the World Junior Championships were great for giving me a feel of what playoff hockey will be like. The tournament play was very intense and I'm expecting the same come Tuesday Night."


We asked Laine a few questions about the beard that he grew out for the playoffs, he mentioned that the reason he grew it was because he lost a bet with a family member.


"Yeah. Before the season started I lost a bet with my cousin and he told me I had to grow out a beard. Hopefully I won't have to shave it off for a while. It's gonna be fun to play some playoff hockey, that's for sure."


Laine and the Marauders are set to face Philadelphia for Games 1 and 2 of their first round series on Tuesday.


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