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WSJ, Prague Disappointed


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Prague Phantoms veteran defenseman Wolf Stansson, Jr. Was noticeably disappointed following the final regular season game for the team when it was confirmed that the team would miss the postseason yet once again, by a single point, and missing out on the 4th seed by another point. 

WSJ and his teammates knew that this season would be weird in some ways because of the bridging of the gap between their goaltenders in veteran Virgil Ligriv to youngster Woody McPine. But in an expansion year, WSJ and his teammates at least fully expected to make it into the playoffs on the basis of their trio of veteran defenseman and a solid group of peaking and prime forwards such as Wade Landry II among others. Alas, it was not to be. 

It sucks. We’ve come up on the short end of the stick, feels like our entire franchise history. When we were good enough to get into the postseason which was only twice, we got bounced out early. Even when we had a MVP between the postseason. So it’s a huge bummer really. Kinda burns the sails out of our boat and I feel bad, especially for our fans who have stuck with us from Day 1 onwards. 

im not sure what is our teams plans for next seasons but I hope it’ll be full of moves and plans that will help us avoid this similar kind of disappointments once again. I feel like we really can do a whole lot better than this.”

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