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Growing up, you always wanted to rip the band-aid off slowly despite it hurting like a son of a bitch. Today I've decided to do the opposite. I don't know what the hell has been going on (though, a good idea), but I haven't had the drive to complete my tasks when I usually do during the week. Often, the moment Monday after work rolls around, my tasks are being fired off in quick fashion so that I am able to enjoy the rest of the week on the leagues without having the daunting task of some shitty, time consuming media spot or other TPE opportunity. This week were ripping the band-aid off. OUCH! This season has been a lot of things for me. Fun. Tiring. A little exhausting even. Maybe sometimes some fuming anger - especially when Rayz was posting his magic .875 SV% every second game (the other game was always .899). Fortunately, the Seattle Bears managed to turn things around and really make another big push for the Continental Cup. We ended the season with 49 wins, tying with the Helsinki Titans for most wins and points on the season. Fortunately, we kicked their ass for Goals For and Against and because of that, SHOULD win the Victory Cup. If it's ROW, that's a dumb as shit way to decide a trophy like that if it is in fact regulation + OT wins etc. I know the NHL uses it I believe, and I had not known that, but for that they're stupid too. Now we're gonna listen to a statement from GM Blake Campbell on the subject.


"It was a fun season for sure. At the start, as always, things did not start out how we always want them too. I think once upon a time we had a pretty hot start and boy, that was fun. However, it always seems like when we start a season, we do so slowly and with some shit to figure out. I guess that's good though. It gets us on our feet, out of the off-season slump and keeps us rolling with one goal in mind - the Continental Cup. Once again, we dominated the regular season. Sure, Helsinki did it side by side with us, but without looking at others we had a really strong campaign that put us at the top of the league for yet another season. It's good to keep winning like this. For the boys, they all did great. Some had slow starts, others maybe slowed down a little bit but everyone stepped up, played some form of a part that truly turned into success for the team. Take a look at the Bears roster and one can't help but be impressed by the depth scoring and strong defensive play from everyone on the team. Helsinki had a great season and while I don't want to discredit a strong performance from them, we had the same amount of wins and points, but Seattle scored more and Seattle let in less. To me, that's a better team. Their goal differential was 50, ours was 82 (best in the league). Against HSK this season, we went 3-1-0 and went 18/16 for GF/GA. Close games, but Seattle captured 6/8 points compared to 3/8. If we really want to gap this argument off on why Seattle deserves it, look at their special teams. Once again.. another W for Seattle. Their PP was 5.78% better and the PK was 5.99% better. Almost every stat they dominated HSK. 


Playoffs are next - it's a different tale, though. Anything can happen and the regular season now means nothing to us. WE got to put our heads down. We know the work it takes to get a championship. Just in case the echo isn't still ringing in the distant VHL discord lands, we won 3 Continental Cups in 4 seasons. It seems like a good chunk and one would be satisfied but here we are, hungrier than ever.. "



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