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The VHLM season was another fun one (lol). Creating a new player is always a good time and while it's difficult choosing a new team because I hate letting down other teams or saying no to the GM's, it's still a fucking blast. I ended up joining RJ in Houston and helped add some minor talent to the team to make a solid push. The team was looking good and if I remember right, we ended up 2nd overall which isn't that bad. There was a point where it felt like we were losing for so long and all the time, then I looked at the standings and we ended up with like 15 losses or some minor shit. Overall, not a bad season. Isabella Campbell could have done a lot better for me. I made a solid grind to make things happen but it is what it is. I'm pretty excited to make some noise with Houston in the playoffs. I could give a shit about points at this point. That kind of thing is a little bit for the regular season. Now it's all about the championship, baby.


One thing I will point out is that what isn't fun, is how shitty game threads are. When a new person joins the league, hopefully they never set their eyes on that and get themselves into a discord first so the activity there can suck their souls away. Almost every single day, I was the only one posting on game threads. If there was others, the maximum would probably be 2 in any given thread and that's pushing it. I'd say a healthy 50% or more went without posts this season. Maybe even closer to 75%. I don't know what, but that really bothers me and 94.5%, Discord is to blame (I think). I just think it's a super shitty look for the league. Kind of makes it look a little bit dead and 100% gives me the vibe that nobody gives a shit. Wheres the GM's trying to stir up activity and a forum presence and vibe? Help out the league? While Discord has become a massive part to the league (which maybe some of us older memebers and sim leaguers have to accept), it still looks like shit to me because these leagues were and still are based on the forum. Media is here, graphics are here, everything is posted here. It's still a forum league, with or without the portal and discord. So, while it was a fun season and everyone in houston was awesome (one of the better times I've had in the M, @rjfryman and everyone has done an amazing job and he should be top candidate for GMoTY), I'm excited to start my journey in the VHL as I believe I'll be above the TPe amount. If not, shit. Guess I'm back



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I guess I'm a bit of a hypocrite to say this as I'm not the most active in the game section, but I do agree on the game thread thing. It's more prevalent in the minors but it's not fun looking at an entire page and seeing 90% of games with no comments.

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The discord bot sends me directly to the Portal box score, so I never see the game thread. If it sent me to the game thread, I'd be more inclined to reply there. With that said, I catch way more games because the discord bot than I did when I had to search for games in the past. 

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