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If the Trophies were not ALL About point Totals, here is How I choose my nominations

Spence King

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At the end of S73 at first glance if you ONLY look at the Leader board for the Top Scoring rookies you would think right away Hylands will have the highest odds of winning RoTY being one of only two player to have a point per game average finishing the season with a total of 76 points in 72 games, 3 points ahead of 2nd and the only other rookie to achieve the point per game mark youngster VHLM Phenom Adam Syreck. However if you take just a small look and look into the stats more in depth with a guy like Syreck who if the voting list shows only Goals assists and points  Adam would have a very high chance of receiving the most votes after a quick glance at leader boards. However when you take a deeper dive (a simple click) and look at other factors of Syrecks game and the actual impact and influence he had towards his teams success, Sadly while being on the ice when his team scores while accumulating 73 Points over the 72 game span of a season Syreck was an abysmall (-63) this instantly that Syreck’s defensive game needs a lot of work. Not to knock the high speed skating sniper but looking at his historical +/- as well its proven that’s a weakness in Syrecks game and with his effectiveness on the defensive end really knocks Syreck down a few rungs on the RoTY list when considering how much the other individual rookies impacted their team with correlation to the role their team had them in and the teams success this season.


The Rookie leaders for scoring list also has something that stands out and that is that 9/10 the players in the top ten are from The Expansion London and Chicago organizations as well as Malmo. Here is where we need to look at where these rookies on teams like CHI and LDN that were given a chance most rookies don’t have and that’s a shit load of ice time as well as a major role playing huge minutes and being relied upon as a #1 or 2 scoring option where as certain rookies with more skill and had a much more productive and consistent season, These are the intangible data that must go into consideration when making these choices.

For example another play on the top 5 for rookie scoring the defenceman out of London Offensive defenceman James Rose. Now James couldn’t haven fallen into a better opportunity for himself and his career. After being Helsinkis 3rd draft choice in the S72 Draft and spending s72 in the VHLM with Houston in a sad season in Houston where James didn’t progress at the pace he wanted and found himself as part of a transaction sending him to the expansion London team for the start of S73 , with James leaving Helsinki his opportunities changes instantly , going from 5th or 6th D on the Helsinki depth chart to the #1 D option in London where his team will be heavily relying on his offensive abilities and saw Rose play 1st line power play and against the leagues top players logging massive minutes. These extra opportunities and ice time gave Mr. Rose an advantage over other rookies that have always been higher on the totem pole than James, such as stars like Alex Letang, Latrell Mitchell , Spencer Elsby and Liam Flaten. Each of these defencemen I just listed were all drafted higher than James and have pretty much always been recognized over James, however with the opportunities James Rose made no mistake in proving his offensive abilities translate at the VHL level. No downplaying the recent success of James Rose however, we’ve got to look more into this and take a look at how did James actual affect his teams wins and losses and if his play on the ice has been as instrumental and apart of the success and consistency of there respective team. A lot more digging and diving into the analytics, like Passing % , corsi , Losses pucks from hits as well as blocked shots and controlled zone entries as well as even fights should all be factors that go into the decision making when choosing who the top nominations are for ROTY , there are WAY too many other stats and parts of the game that aren’t on the stat sheet that really show which player is most deserving of being on this list.

This is when the grind really begins, its playoffs , its time to prepare for the draft for all of us GMs and scouts working overtime and extra hard to ensure the best analysis and most detail goes into the preparation of all this leading up to the draft as well as the upcoming awards that are always highly anticipated, First things First though , and thats me myself as a player Spencer Elsby and the Helsinki Titans and the playoffs , that my focus right now and I cant explain in words my excitement for my 1st VHL playoffs game.

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@Beketov Ofcourse i know the BOG doesnt choose there ROY candidates this way, this was just myself expressing my thoughts on the topic of users just looking at point totals , no ill will , Just trying to get my thoughts into words lol ❤️ and Syreck is still my vote for ROY @Spade18 


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