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VHL Fantasy Zone S73 W5


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Time for week 5 of VHL fantasy! Sadly, this will be our last week before next season. As a result I've mixed things up in an attempt to add some fun to the playoff hype. Instead of picking winners of games you will be picking winners of the first round of the playoffs. Each correct guess will be worth 0.5 TPE rounded down (blame the blues). That means you will need two correct guesses for 1 TPE and all four for 2 TPE. Lastly, you get to guess what the series score of the Continental Cup finals will be for 3 TPE! Obviously, you won't have to pick a team, so I'm hoping it's a little bit easier :). 


There will be a hard cutoff on this form. Immediately after the first 2 games are simmed in the first round of the playoffs the form will be closed to responses. 





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23 minutes ago, Tate said:

For whatever reason the member tag didn’t work for me and I only found out about this because of the message you posted on the main page. 

Sad that I missed out!


sad rabbit GIF


You didn't miss it! By first round I meant the round after the wildcards! I probably should have specified.

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That being said, I haven't gotten pinged for fantasy all season, and have stumbled across one or two after they closed. Maybe the tag doesn't like being copy + pasted? Or maybe I'm just not a member?!?!

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