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Jigg's First Full Season

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  Well the season has ended. That means it's time to casually take the chance to do a PT taking advantage of the season's end in order to claim that sweet 6 TPE. Anyways, this is my first season in the VHLM with the Ottawa Lynx and it's been pretty good. So I want to take a look at the stats and determine what I did good on. Knowing that I'll make the cut to the VHL next season, I wanna see what can possibly be translated in my VHL rookie season. Now without further ado, lets get on with it.


:ott:Jiggly Gumballs S73 Regular Season Stats: :ott:


Games Played: 72

Goals: 19 (8 GWGs)

Assists: 68

Points: 87

Plus/Minus: 27

Shots: 145 (97 shots missed, 44 own shots blocked)

Average minutes per game: 28.93

Penalty Minutes: 92

Shots blocked: 73

Hits: 162

Shooting percentage: 13.10%


Special Teams Stats:


Powerplay goals: 15

PP assists: 22

PP points: 37

PP shots: 89

PP minutes: 290


Shorthanded goals: 0

SH assists: 3

SH points: 3

SH shots: 0

SH minutes played: 164



So right off the bat, you can see that I was over a point per game notably with a good amount of assists. Another thing I've noticed is that the majority of my goals do come from the powerplay. Something that was pretty interesting to notice. Shots wise, I don't think I have the best accuracy out there with the fucking 97 shots missed and 44 of my own shots blocked. Though goal scoring isn't my specialty as you can see I have 68 assists on the season. I'll say this right now, I am sorta pissed at the fact that I missed out on 69 FUCKING ASSISTS on the season. This would've honestly made the season perfect for me even if we lose in the playoffs, and I'm afraid of not being able to get 69 again in my career as I'm either going to be under or over in following seasons. Aside from that having 162 hits and 73 shots blocked along with a plus/minus of 27 shows that I'm at least capable at my own end while also bringing some physicality in my game. Something I've also noticed is that I don't have too many penalty minutes. Keeping the penalty minutes below 100 is good. In all honesty I shouldn't have invested 4 TPE in discipline but meh it helps. Can't be on the PK if you're the one who has the penalty.


Regarding special teams. I've already mentioned that a large majority of my goals from the powerplay, other that that having 37 points on the powerplay seems pretty good. PK wise, points don't really matter but it was interesting to see I've got 3 assists anyways. I've known that Ottawa has a pretty good PK and I'm glad I can contribute to it well. Again, 15 goals in 89 shots isn't that too good. Accuracy really seems to be a problem for me huh.


So with my guaranteed jump to the VHL next season, I hope my point production and playmaking can really translate into the big leagues as I continue to grow as a player. Along with that, I hope I can hit that sweet 69 assists. Maybe score a bit more and not miss the fucking net. Other than that, I wish ya'll the best luck in the playoffs and may the best team wins!


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