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VSN is hiring!!


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Good evening VHL,


As the new Editor-In-Chief of VSN, part of my duties include bringing new staff into the fold, and the time has come to bring two new writers aboard to the VSN family!


Our first opening comes in the VSN Scouting Department, as @Patrik Tallinder transitions into a role as a contributor. The new addition to VSN covers the future of the VHL, the next generation of players. As a writer for the VSN Scouting Department, you'll be maintaining a pulse on the league's next rising stars, along with which teams are doing well for themselves in accumulating quality prospects. Naturally, if you have additional ideas on what the VSN Scouting Department can bring to the table, that'd be excellent too!


Our second opening is the one with absolutely no pressure to fill, my previous position as a history writer. With 73 seasons of history, the VHL has provided a lot of material for league historians to work with. Whether you'll decide to continue on-going series or start your own, you'll have both myself and fellow history writer @Matt_O to help you settle in. Really looking forward to hearing ideas people have for how they can bring even more buzz to our league history articles!


VSN Writers are paid 8 TPE upon completing and posting your article after it is cleared for publication. Your article replaces a main point task, so you will not need to write an additional media spot or make a graphic. If your articles exceed 1,200 words (not overly difficult for VSN quality articles at all, I can assure you), you will be able to claim it for a second week, which will be an, "off" week for you. 


Previous experience with writing on a sim league media crew is certainly not required, but it certainly helps. If you have any particular media spots or work you'd like us to check out as part of your application, feel free to link to it either in your post or a private message. 


Can't wait to check out all the applications!!


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Would recommend either position to anyone, my experience as a VSN Writer has been nothing short of amazing. The team is supportive and helpful, and it allows you to learn a lot more about the league as a whole.


In terms of VSN Scouting, I may not be writing anymore but I will provide spreadsheets for you that will make your research a bit easier, and answer any questions you have. Good luck to everyone applying!

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It was a long process, and I've found that I very much dislike telling people I can't hire them. But, however, I have new additions to the VSN family to announce!


While there was a stiff competition for the VSN Scouting role, that was not the case for the History Writer job. Just when I was starting to think I wouldn't get any applications, a member whose work has been featured multiple times on the VHL Portal applied, and even if he wasn't the only application, it was likely still his job. Our new History Writer is @animal74!


I received a lot of quality applications for the VSN Scouting Department, and I'm really pleased that there is the potential for a very bright future there. I only listed one position, but two candidates absolutely blew me away, to the point that I decided I would be taking both. @Plate and @MattyIce are the new additions to the VSN Scouting Department!


To those who did not get hired, this is not the end! When more opportunities arise, I sincerely hope to see all of you apply again, because each of you could have a future with VSN!


Congratulations to our new hires, and hope everyone continues to enjoy the content of VSN!

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