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Jiggs Signs New Hollywood Deal


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Current Ottawa Lynx defenseman and LA Stars prospect, Jiggly Gumballs, has just signed a contract with Walt Disney Pictures to feature in an up and coming hockey based movie reminiscent of the Might Ducks.


Not much is known about the movie other than the public announcement of Gumballs' involvement as part of the cast. What is known is that because of the contract with Disney, Gumballs is set to feature in 3 movies and it is likely that his role in the film is somewhat important. Jiggly Gumballs was drafted 28th overall in the S73 VHL Draft and has been a solid hockey player amassing 19 goals, 68 assists, and 87 points this season with the Lynx. Now he will be taking his talents to the silver screen once the playoffs have concluded. The rest of the cast is yet to be revealed, though names like Patrick Warburton and even former Ducks Joshua Jackson and Emilio Estevez are rumored to be additions to the cast. Though likely they will be cameos.


We reached out to Gumballs' to get a statement as to what the movie would be about and his thoughts on his involvement with it:


"So because the producers like keeping secrets, all I can say is that the movie is going to be about promoting the sport of hockey to kids alike worldwide. I got an insight to what the plot and script might look like and it's quite interesting. I've always enjoyed watching hockey movies like the Mighty Ducks and Slap Shot ever since I was a kid so it's kinda like a dream to actually feature in one. Of course my main priority is the VHLM playoffs and making the jump to the VHL next season but I honestly can't wait to start filming once I move to LA."


With that statement in mind, we also asked how this is going to affect with regards to his team:


"It was actually really convenient to have been drafted in LA as in my short time there meeting with the GM, I met a few people and I got connections in Hollywood. I don't think the films will affect my relation with my team as that to me isn't my career focus. That's being a hockey player. I love being an LA Star and I want to really help this expansion team out regardless of my involvement with Disney. So will this affect me if I ever choose to go to free agency after my ELC? No. I want to play for a team I enjoy playing with, and whether that's LA or not, will be up to the future."


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