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Alex Pearson announces retirement, After next season.


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      Alex Pearson has a a very well known name in the town of Prauge, Czech Republic. He has been with the franchise since day one, and had never played for any other team in his whole career. 

He is a part of a very small group of players that have been with the franchise since their inaugural season, which now only remains as Wolf Stansson Jr and Seabass Perrin. The three have played their whole careers with Prague, But Pearson was drafted a season earlier and is the eldest of the bunch. He had also dealt with numerous wrist injuries, as well as concussions, which have slowed him down in the past few seasons. He has been reportedly talking about retirement for a few season due to these injuries which hurt his development, and most of his teammates with expecting this to be his last season for most of the year, but near the end of the season, He got some wind under his legs and decided, he wanted to stick around for one more season.



Tuesday morning he called a press conference in the training facility, and stated that after the upcoming season, would definitely be his last. 

Reporter: What do you see as your future moving forward with the team?


Pearson: I’m getting up there in age *laughs* so when I play next season I’m probably gonna be in a more sheltered, limited role, especially with the young players we have coming in, which I’m fine with, I know my role is less of a scoring threat and more of a mentor now, and I’m fine with that.”


Reporter: You went on a hot streak at the end of the season, if you regain that touch, can you see yourself beating your scoring records in your last season?


Pearson: Honestly no, my body’s not the same it was even 2 seasons ago, it’s not as easy to skate or make quick moves, I can still play effectively, but I’m not expecting to be the go to guy next season. Next season will definitely be my last, I’ve already got the paperwork ready for submission”



So it seems if he does play, he’s already spoken with his GM Glasser, about how he will likely be in a limited role, and likely play with some young talent to help them grow. 

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