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VHLM Rookie Season Review - William Shakespeare II


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VHLM Rookie Season Review


The 16 year old from Great Britain made his VHLM debut to not a roaring thunder but a quiet whimper. Hailed as the next big thing in hockey William may just be the newest fad. William a player that raised national attention due to his bizarre behavior and particular family heritage. But if his great great grandfather had seen him play he might have said  As his great 


  "Everyone can master a grief but he that has it."

- William Shakespeare 


But a quote from a poet more contemporary then William that is equally applicable is:


“Reality is often disappointing"



William a highly touted prospect form Great Britain was ranked as one of the best recruits coming to the VHLM this off season. A prospect on professional radar for a number of years William’s pure talent as well as natural athleticism has allowed him to dominate the British Minor Leagues before making his professional career in Britain the prior season. Scoring a remarkable 71 goals and 38 assists in the prior season. William was named in the U-19 World Championship squad but it was here his tale began to unravel; William sustained a devastating injury in this completion.



 Tearing the ACL in his Right Knee William was to be sidelined for at least a year. Of course, this news was sad for both William and his family but also the San Diego Marlins that were searching for the next franchise superstar with the singing of William. Of course having your star player leave the team suddenly before the start of a major tournament can be demoralizing and Great Britain bowed out in early rounds well under pundit predictions.


Coach of the team Arnold Hambruger gave the following statement:

“Losing William was a major blow but while William is individually a talented player, I still feel like my team has the talent and commitment to bring this title home.”

Hambruger was proven thoroughly wrong as they were defeated 5-1 in the second round against Mexico.


With the World Championship now behind him William now had to move to the next stage of his life, moving to San Diego full time to complete rehab. Although William was friendly teammates, staff and press the first report of William’s struggles was released on the 3/05/2020. The article titled “William Shakespeare II questioning future in hockey” the report detailed the myriad of setbacks William was experiencing with rehab and the mental effect this was taking, William was quoted:


"To die, to sleep;
To sleep: perchance to dream: ay, there's the rub;
For in that sleep of death what dreams may come
When we have shuffled off this mortal coil,
Must give us pause: there's the respect
That makes calamity of so long life."


While his tendency to quote William Shakespeare does make communicating with William difficult it was clear the young man was struggling. The Marlins facing little choice allowed William time away from the team to contemplate future in hockey. William took this time to return to Great Britain the events that occurred in Great Britain have so far not been revealed William hinting they may later be revealed in tell all autobiography. One thing is for sure whatever happened across the ocean reignited Williams love for hockey. The training staff applauded William’s commitment and drive and with renewed vigor rehab’s argues journey came to a close; it was time for William to take to the ice once again.


William made a cautious debut against the Houston Bulls playing fundamentally sound William neither wowed nor disappointed fans. William’s play improved over the rest of season ending with totals of 3 goals and 2 assists across 37 games. Although not the spectacular production William was expected to have the result is far above what was expected earlier in the season when his return to hockey was questionable. William was a solid piece aiding in the Marlins to finish the season and move into the play offs. The response to William’s first season was almost as diverse as they come, local sports analysts made a variety of takes ranging all sides of the spectrum from “Shakespeare turns out to be talent-less hack” to “William’s emphatic return to sport may be a shinning light in hockey’s future”. But while media response was varied the Marlins had one iron clad uniform take “William is a highly talented and team orientated player.” Before the playoffs began the Marlins hosted a press conference in which GM InstantRockstar has the following statement:

“Moving forward we are incredibly lucky to have a talented and driven player like William on the team, whatever team drafts him in the VHL will be lucky to have him”  William said that once the time has come again he will be ready to answer the call and fulfill his dream of leading Great Britain to international success.



San Diego’s first round match up is against the Ottawa Lynx and William will be relied on as his role within the team is every growing. The first three games of William’s career were relatively uneventful individually for the young winger. The Marlins took control of the series early with a 2 to 1 win advantage against the Lynx. It was in the fourth game William had the best game of his young professional career. In a thrilling build up in the second period of the fourth game William Shakespeare II and Lester Green assisted in the opening goal for the Marlin tying the game at 1 to 1. The play was very similar to William’s play before his initial injury and is a promising sign to full recovery. William is a highly talented player with a bright future and his journey is far from over. Before the latest game William gave the quote when asked about dealing with adversary and moving forward:


"Cowards die many times before their deaths;
The valiant never taste of death but once."


Once again the old English somewhat clutters William’s message but the heart still rings true. William will continue to be a example of shinning determination and growth as his  potential continues to bloom and I for one am looking forward to were that potential takes him.

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