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Scouting Report...


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Scouting Report:


There is a new Goalie talent that has been located in the islands of Fiji, believed to be a native of the Maldives that moved to Fiji. He plays a lot of indoor soccer and futsal as the goalie; I saw a lot of potential in him and put him on some roller skates and shot some pucks at him.


Wow it is incredible the man can see pucks like they are the size of beach balls and will stop every shot, his rebound control needs some work, but I see a lot of promise in him.


Look you would be dumb to pass up talent like this I am in talks with him to move over and get him into the VHLM, it looks like he will be ineligible for this seasons draft but will arrive before the start of the season. I would suggest that you reach out to him and get to know what he wants before the draft if you can get a man like this on waivers, he will help carry you to the playoffs and maybe above.


With a season’s worth of training under his belt he will be unstoppable, don’t let him slip through your fingers, I brought you Block Buster and this man looks even more promising!

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